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Star Service Check Form
Please fill up this Star Service Form if you need your car to be serviced. Please mention which area you’d like us to look into or consult our mechanic to assist you which parts are required to be actioned.
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WOF Expiry


Road test vehicle
Lubricate door, bonnet, boot hinges and strikers
All fluid top up and level


Change engine oil after filter
Transmission / differential oil level
Test battery condition
Condition of air filter
Test brake fluid condition
Wheel bearings
Remove wheels & inspect brakes
Suspension Condition
Check exhaust system


Check rear wheels bearings
Check condition of tyres record depth readings
Inflate tyres
Check front CV boots and joints
Steering components condition
Check exhaust system
Check break lines and hoses
All drive belts condition
Operation of horn
Operation of all lights
Window wiper operation
Seat belt inspection